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Windows AC is one of the Widest Used Air Conditioning System in Home and Offices. Installation of Window AC is effective and easy to Handle. We at Galaxy Home Service are expert in dealing with Repair, Service and Maintenance of Windows AC System. Using Windows AC we can fight with Summer Heat & Humidity easily. Temperature in Summer Time is nowdays more hot and hence requirement of Window AC at Home & Offce are more natural. The air conditioner is more than just a cooling system. They can be the solution to many different problems, making life easier in any situation of climate.

On the other hand, another cooling alternative could augment humidity levels in the air, which would lead to an increase in microorganisms. These bacteria could be the reason behind lots of health problems. You can find ac service in Delhi at Galaxy Home Service with a wide range of ac services, all promising and best for you. We dont make any promises, but our work speaks for itself - quality air conditioning service.

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